Animal House Sanctuary

1)  Fill out an application, send all applications to
2)  We will do a reference check with your vet, assuming you already have pets or have had pets in the past.
3)  If you are a renter, we will verify with your landlord that it is OK for you to have a pet
4)  We will schedule a meet ‘n’ greet.
5) We will do a home visit to make sure it is a safe environment.
6)  If all parties are in agreement, we will schedule a day for the home check and to finalize the adoption (pending the home check is approved).
7)  Every dog is different and each has a need and requirement. Most dogs will need a course of continued basic obedience training with an approved behavior trainer.
8)  We may request a trial adoption at our discretion. A trial adoption is when we offer an x amount of time to make sure the pet you picked is a good match for your home and lifestyle. Rescue discretion advised. 

About Adoption


Animal House Sanctuary is open to out of state adoption. This means we welcome adopters with loving forever homes from all over the country. Extra miles make more work up front, sure, but it is just one example of how committed we are to finding the perfect fit between family and pet. We strive for forever homes for our dogs and cats, and comfortable proximity is not going to keep us from finding them. When there is a will, there is a way. We do ask adopters to cover traveling expenses. A home check is still a must for every adoption that takes place. 

Animal House Sanctuary's main goal is to place dogs and cats in healthy, loving, and caring forever homes. Animal House Sanctuary is a foster-based rescue, we are not a shelter facility or have set physical location. Our adoptable dogs and cats live in homes with our volunteers/fosters, all over Northern Indiana. Adopting from a rescue isn’t immediate like adopting from a shelter. Being a foster based, all-volunteer run rescue, it can take a minimum of 10 days for an application to be processed, please be patient. Please, to best utilize time, read all applications and our adoption requirements. We expect potential adopters to have a full-service vet and those with previous and/or current pets in the home, a history/active relationship with a veterinarian.  

"Peace, Love, and Pets. We don't just find homes, we find families."

Adoption Process

Adoption Anywhere