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All adopters from Animal House sanctuary will alway remain part of AHS family. We truly appreciate and love our AHS family

Medical Care

Home Care

"Peace, Love, and Pets. We don't just find homes, we find families."

Every animal under our care receives veterinary care from primary licensed veterinarians. No pet goes untreated, regardless of funds.

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The Sanctuary

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Animal House Sanctuary provides a cage-less, home-like environment for every foster under our care.

Our Goal

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Family & More

Our primary goal is to match the desired pet with the family. We believe in forever homes and while there is no such thing as a perfect pet or home, we like to place the dog or cat that best fits the family/home.

Animal House Sanctuary is much more than the typical rescue.  Our mission is not to adopt out the highest amount of dogs or cats, but to place each dog and/or cat in the best possible home that matches both the adapter and the pets need. Quality over quantity is a priority! We screen each potential adopter thoroughly to best place a pet in the home. Most dogs and/or cats start off at the sanctuary. Before a dog or cat is placed on the adoption program they are quarantine, assessed carefully, vetted, and only once we have an open approved foster family that best matches the pets needs, he/she is moved. Our goal is to find each and every one of our rescue animals a loving forever home without having to compromise their needs. Whatever the need may be, we strive to make sure that the animal is placed where he/she best fits, with knowledgeable owners in a loving permanent home. Our adoption volunteer counselors work very hard to best match each potential adopter and pet.  We feel that working hard to make the perfect feline or canine-human match gives our wonderful cats and dogs a better chance of finding a permanent loving home. We are not just a rescue, we are Animal House Sanctuary.